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Letters, Winter 2016

JTS, American Judaism, and Conditional Synagogues More

High Fives

The JRB editors celebrate our fifth anniversary with our top-five book lists. More

Missing Menachem

When Menachem Begin led the Likud to victory in 1977, Yitzhak Ben-Aharon spoke for many in the Israeli political establishment when he said that “if this is the will of the people, we have to replace the people.” Begin’s image has evolved, but he remains a contested figure. More

Letters, Spring 2014

Spy vs. Spy, Where Shall Wisdom Be Found?, Gordis' Requiem & More More

Cognitive Dissonance

Gordis replies to his critics and outlines his positive vision for the future. His proposal may surprise you. More

Learning from History

Jonathan Sarna looks back at a time when both Reform and Orthodox Judaism in America seemed imperiled. More

Building a Sukkah and the Call to Transcendence

David Starr says that Gordis asked the right question, but the answer may be harder than he thinks. More

Eight Families and the 18 Percent

Whether it’s 18 percent or eight families, Gordon Tucker maintains “patience and tenaciousness change the world,” a fact that is lost when we focus on numbers. More

Living in the USA

Moving to Israel has clouded Gordis’ ability to understand the American Jewish scene, argues Jeremy Kalmanofsky. More

Judaism’s Feminist Future

For Judith Hauptman, the Conservative push for women’s rights holds the key to its future--and the future of Judaism as a whole. More

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