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Books to Celebrate Israel at 70

We asked 70 leading Israeli and American thinkers to recommend the best books about Israel. Here are their top choices.

The Gentile Jewess

“Am I Gentile? Am I a Jewess? Both and neither. What am I? I am what I am.” Muriel Spark at 100.

Postcards from the Shoah

Stamps and the paper they traveled on create a historical record of the Holocaust, capturing, for instance, “the exact historical moment when one person reached out in desperation to another."

Searching for Ancient Passover in Samaria and Ethiopia

Bloody bucket brigades and white galoshes: Not everyone celebrates Passover with four cups and four questions. Rachel Scheinerman on Passover in Samaria and Ethiopia.

Moses, Aaron, and Pharaoh Walk into a Bar: Passover in the Union Army

Yankee ingenuity at Passover: how one regiment made a Seder in the midst of the Civil War.

18 Questions with Jeremy Dauber: The Purim Edition

Who ruled the Borscht Belt: Allan Sherman or Lenny Bruce? Jewish comedy expert Jeremy Dauber casts his vote in a humorous interview—just in time for Purim.  

The Mortara Affair, Redux

Bologna, 1857: A six-year old is taken from his Jewish family to be raised a Catholic. Why are we still talking about this case? An archbishop responds.


Black hat chic: Shai Secunda's review of Shababnikim, the new television show about cool yeshiva students.

18 Questions with Dara Horn

Dara Horn’s new novel, Eternal Life, is out today. We caught up with her and asked her 18 questions.

Lost Music

Jeffrey M. Green, Aharon Appelfeld’s translator for more than 30 years, remembers the beloved Israeli novelist.

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