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Boundaries, Conversations, and the Reform Movement: A Response to Elli Fischer

Hebrew Union College dean Joshua Holo weighs in on Michael Chabon’s controversial commencement address.

Michael Chabon’s Sacred and Profane Cliché Machine

What's wrong with "knocking down walls"? Well, several things...

Equine Ambles into a Watering Hole: An Interview with Jessica Cohen

An interview with Jessica Cohen—winner of the 2017 Man-Booker International prize for her translation of David Grossman’s Horse Walks Into a Bar—on translating Hebrew literature and jokes.

Tattooing God’s Name, a Jewish Adventure Out West, and Ultra-Orthodox Voting Patterns

A round-up of three new and notable articles in Jewish studies.

Roth’s Roth-Centricity Was Just Fine

His Jewish women may have been flat, but he’s still worth reading.

New Indian Jewish Art

The artwork of Siona Benjamin, who says she belongs everywhere and nowhere, recombines traditional and contemporary elements in surprising ways.

Remembering Philip Roth

Michael Kimmage's review of Philip Roth's final novel, Nemesis.

Standing at Sinai in Medieval Germany

An unusual illustration of revelation from the fourteenth century Tripartite Mahzor.

Biography of the Jewish Bible

An interview with David Stern on the many physical forms of the Jewish Bible, from parchment scroll to electronic tablet.

Shouts and Roars for the Finalists

Five finalists for the Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature have been announced. Read our reviews now.

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