Spring 2010

Spring 2010
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Endless Devotion

Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks' new translation of the siddur moves Hillel Halkin to reconsider Jewish prayer.

Welcome to the Jewish Review of Books

Welcome to the first issue of the Jewish Review of Books.

Why There Is No Jewish Narnia

So why don’t Jews write more fantasy literature? And a different, deeper but related question: why are there no works of modern fantasy that are profoundly Jewish in the way that, say, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is Christian?

What the U.S. Can and Can't Do in the Middle East

Why the realists are being unrealistic about American power in the Middle East. 

Requiem for a Luftmentsh

Were Saul Bellow and his friend Isaac Rosenfeld the last Jewish intellectuals of their kind?


Faith in Doubt

Can doubt provide the space that allows secular and religious Jews to coexist in Israel?

God and Idolatry

Saving God may look Maimonidean on the surface, but Rambam would never agree with Johnston's basic conclusions.

Appelfeld in Bloom

Israeli author Aharon Applefeld sifts through memories to understand the traumas of his past.

Prospects for American Judaism

A new book traces the path of American Jews from participation to affiliation.

In Whose Image?

On the spectrum between animal and divine, where do human beings fall?

Walking the Green Line

New books about the settlers and the settlements and depth and nuance to the discussions about their existence.

A Novel of Unbelief

Religion, faith, and the search for tenure at Harvard underpin a comic novel by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein.


The Idea of Abrahamic Religions: A Qualified Dissent

What is "Abrahamic" about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?

Discrimination and Identity in London: The Jewish Free School Case

How Britain's highest court misunderstands Judaism.

The Arts

No Sex in the City: On Srugim

A new Israeli TV show chronicles single life in Jerusalem.

Bob Dylan: Messiah or Escape Artist?

“Who was or is Robert Zimmerman, called Bob Dylan?” Is he a Jew?

Lost & Found

Last Word

Crumb's Genesis

Harvey Pekar's take on Robert Crumb's illustrated book Genesis.

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