Summer 2010

Summer 2010
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Letters, Summer 2010

Rosenfeld and the Jewish Review of Books, No Jewish Narnia, The Prayers of Others, and More

No Jewish Narnias: A Reply

Michael Weingrad responds to readers of his essay on the dearth of Jewish fantasy literature.


The Kibbutz and the State

How the position of the kibbutz in Israeli society has changed, and why.

The Poet from Vilna

Avrom Sutzkever and Max Weinreich, a memoir.


Posthumous Prophecy

Milton Steinberg's unpublished novel about Hosea was forgotten for a long time. For good reason.

Old-New Sabbath

Does everyone need a Sabbath? Judith Shulevitz thinks so.

Friends of Zion

Getting by with a little help from our friends.

The Christian Road to Jerusalem

Looking back on the clash of civilizations.

The Weaver

An-sky's photographs.

Animal Foible

The author of Life of Pi trivializes the Holocaust.

With Interest

Have the Jews been capitalism's best friends or worst enemies, or both?

All the Good Things of Spain

The greatest Hebrew poet gets the English bio he deserves.

Going Public

The Jewish Jane Austen, or better?

I, Terrorist

Whither the great anti-American novel?


Underground Man: The Curious Case of Mark Zborowski and the Writing of a Modern Jewish Classic

Life is with People is perhaps the most well-known work of shtetl nostalgia. But how should it be read in light of its author's bloody career as one of Stalin's best spies?  

The Limits of Prayer

One who prays to change the past, says the Mishnah, “utters a vain prayer.” A person should not beseech God to undo events that have already taken place, even when the outcome is still unknown. And yet there are circumstances where one is naturally tempted to do just that.

The Arts

Swept Up

A new documentary displays the process of conversion to Judaism.

The Rothschilds of the East

The Splendor of the Camondos and the pity of it all.

Lost & Found

Rashi and the Crusader: A Legend

Did the great biblical and talmudic commentator meet Godfrey of Bouilon? A fascinating excerpt from Gedaliah ibn Yahya's Shalshelet ha-Kabbalah.

Last Word

Gut Shabbes

Upmanship & Downmanship

Moses Mendelssohn Street

Immortality in Jerusalem.

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