Winter 2013

Winter 2013
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Letters, Winter 2013

The Living Language, Hefker Hasidim, Exodus on a Banana Boat?


Not Just Hummus

Exploring Israel's culinary culture with two new, very different books about cooking. Jerusalem expats Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi have put out a cookbook with remarkable fusions and creations inspired by the holy city, while Abbie Rosner explores the biblical cuisine of the Galilee.

The Child Was Circumcised

The circumcision controversy in Germany has been heating up, but it's not the first time. The discussion has been going for centuries and has involved differing levels of overt anti-Semitism.


Adventure Story

Anita Shapira's new book raises the bar for short histories of Israel.

Father Abraham

Jews, Muslims, and Christians all revere Abraham. But is it the same Abraham?

Himmelfarb, George Eliot, and the Jews

English philo-Semitism, in fiction and reality.

The Language of Babylon

The Jewish scholar of Arab literature Sasson Somekh's new autobiography is the latest in a line of memoirs of Jewish Baghdad.

MAD Maus

A look inside the making of Art Spiegelman's classic graphic novel about the Holocaust.

The People of the Book - Since When?

A new book seeks to overturn everything we know about the history of the Talmud.

Movies and Monotheism

At age 97, Herman Wouk returns to Moses and goes postmodern.


With Words We Govern Men

In November 1975, US Ambassador to the UN Daniel Patrick Moynihan launched an empassioned battle against the "Zionism is Racism" resolution. A new book on the subject spurs memories of working with him at that historic moment.

Wonder and Indignation: Abraham's Uneasy Faith

A famous midrash describes Abraham's encounter with an illuminated palace, or was it a burning palace?

Lost & Found

The Body in Verse

Examining the lost art of the poetic physician. "Know that it is not in your ability to fulfill them /  To God alone belongs this power."


Category Error: A Response & Rejoinder

Yoram Hazony responds to Jon D. Levenson's critique of his book. Levenson replies.

Last Word

Kissinger, Kant, and the Syrians in Lebanon

A nugget of philosophical diplomacy.

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