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Jeffrey M. Green

Jeffrey M. Green moved to Israel in 1973 after receiving a PhD in comparative literature from Harvard. Among his many translations of Aharon Appelfeld, Blooms of Darkness (Schocken) won the Independent newpaper’s Foreign Fiction Prize. In addition to Appelfeld, he has translated many important Hebrew writers, including S. Y. Agnon. He is the author of Thinking Through Translation (University of Georgia Press).

In our Spring 2010 issue, Shoshana Olidort reviewed Jeffrey M. Green’s translation of Aharon Appelfeld’s Blooms of Darkness.

Editor’s Note: Aharon Appelfeld’s funeral was held January 7, 2018.

Lost Music

Jeffrey M. Green

Jeffrey M. Green, Aharon Appelfeld’s translator for more than 30 years, remembers the beloved Israeli novelist.