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General Pitch Guidelines 

The Jewish Review of Books features smart and lively reviews and essays of Jewish cultural, historical, and intellectual interest. We are always looking for new writers for both our quarterly print magazine as well as our web-exclusive content. 

While we accept unsolicited submissions, we prefer for reviewers to pitch us on a specific book or other item—film, exhibit, event, show—they would like to review. 

Here is what we like to see in a pitch: 

  • One to three paragraphs, no more than 250 words. This space introduces your hook, the subject, and your angle. Your pitch should also give us a sense of both your unique approach to the topic as well as your writing style. 
  • Looking at the JRB archive, what are a couple of the articles with a style closest to what you envision your review having? Or is this something entirely new?
  • Please include a brief personal bio, and links to published work, or two writing samples. 

Your response will be sent to our editors. We always reply to all pitches, though sometimes, due to volume of submissions, we are slow. Please allow at least two weeks for editorial consideration of your pitch before following up.

Submit your pitch here.