The Alter Rebbe Reviews The Alter RebbeLocked In Immanuel Etkes's new biography, we meet the young Shneur Zalman shortly after the death of his master Rabbi Dov Ber Friedman, known as the Maggid (or preacher) of Mezheritch in 1772.
Old Isaiah Reviews Old Isaiah When Woodrow Wilson became the first president to nominate a Jew for a seat on the Supreme Court, much of the opposition to his appointment revolved around his Jewishness. 
Promised Land or Homeland? Reviews Promised Land or Homeland?Locked The university presses of Cambridge and Oxford have released two new works of Jewish political theory that blend theoretical defenses of Zionism with robust critique of what Chaim Gans calls the “Zionist mainstream.”

The Last Word

Since there were no diplomatic relations between Israel and the Soviet Union, the congress organizers in Moscow told me to send my Israeli passport to the Soviet embassy in Bonn, which would be authorized to issue me a visa.

From Max, Moritz, and Marx by Shlomo Avineri | Summer 2016

yellow-box-Shtisel Nuclear Family

In the extraordinary Israeli TV series Shtisel, a twenty-something haredi luftmensch named Akiva lives alone with his widowed father, Reb Shulem Shtisel. Bereft of the comforting presence of the woman of the house, father and son share meals and cryptic conversation at the compact kitchen table like a pair of wounded cats waiting to pounce, but mostly just hurting.

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