Adam Kirsch

Black Fire on White Fire

The scroll, which was originally a secular technology, became closely associated with Judaism at a time when Christians were adopting the codex for their holy books.

From Hasidism to Marxism

The radical publisher Verso has re-issued Isaac Deutscher’s The Non-Jewish Jew: And Other Essays. But what is a “non-Jewish Jew”? And what was Deutscher?

Saladin, a Knight, and a Jew Walk Onto a Stage

Outside of Germany, Nathan the Wise is one of those works more often read than performed, and more often read about than actually read.

Lincoln and the Jews

Lincoln encountered a surprising number of Jews in his life. Throughout, he seems to have treated them with the benevolence and absence of prejudice one would expect from the Great Emancipator.

The Jewbird

It is in his stories, rather than his novels, that Malamud emerged as a unique writer. A new series brings new exposure to both.

Proust Between Halakha and Aggada

Proust and Bialik were both great literary modernists, but they aren’t usually thought of together. Reading In Search of Lost Time in light of “Halacha and Aggada.”

The Mighty Jacobson

  For an American Jew to read the magnificently funny and serious Howard Jacobson is to understand just how different the situation of English Jews is from their own.  

Chasing Death

The director of the landmark documentary Shoah, Claude Lanzmann, has written a memoir, which sheds new light on his death-defying life.

Red Rosa

A newly published collection of letters shows a new, softer side of Rosa Luxemburg.

Trilling, Babel, and the Rabbis

part of Trilling's mystique came from the way he seemed "to be a Jew and yet not Jewish."

A Novel of Unbelief

Religion, faith, and the search for tenure at Harvard underpin a comic novel by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein.

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