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Coming with a Lampoon Reviews Coming with a Lampoon Jacobson is a world master of the art of disturbing comedy and each new work of his advances the genre—his latest one by a giant step.
Love in the Shadow of Death Reviews Love in the Shadow of Death This is a sad story, one that begins with Sarah Wildman’s discovery among the papers of her grandfather of a file of letters dating back to 1939–1942.
Lincoln and the Jews Reviews Lincoln and the JewsLocked Lincoln encountered a surprising number of Jews in his life. Throughout, he seems to have treated them with the benevolence and absence of prejudice one would expect from the Great Emancipator.

The Last Word

It’s been five years since we put out our first issue, and we feel, if not venerable, at least established—and as proud as kindergartners, so we’ve been playing a game: What five books are you reading right now?

From “High Fives” by The Editors | Spring 2015

 Klinghoffer Going Under with Klinghoffer

When it came to New York’s Metropolitan Opera this past fall The Death of Klinghoffer faced angry—and, it must be admitted, some pretty shrill—demonstrators. Of course, this was to be expected.

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Editors' Picks

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