Oh, the Humanity! Reviews Oh, the Humanity!Locked Would the demise or even disappearance of human beings be, on the whole, a good thing. Yuval Noah Harari seems to think so, or is at least willing to entertain the thought.
Not by the Rivers of Babylon Readings Not by the Rivers of Babylon It turns out that Israel sits on a “saddle point” between four weather systems. The rabbis of the Talmud didn’t know that, but they did have some interesting things to say about rain.
Sadat in Jerusalem: Behind the Scenes Readings Sadat in Jerusalem: Behind the Scenes The outcome of Anwar Sadat’s 1977 visit to Israel was historic, but the backstage wrangling over protocol and Palestinian participation was also significant.

The Last Word

In 1843, in the town of Boisk, a little way outside of Riga, the Hevrat Aggadeta had a party: “Our joy was exceedingly great … We poured the wine like it was water—some pouring it down their throats and others on the floor.”

From A Party in Boisk by Abraham Socher | Winter 2016

 yellow-box-image1-jan A Harem of Translators

Reviewing The Collected Stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer, Cynthia Ozick pointed out that Singer’s list of translators was so long she could not possibly name them all. Ozick remarked that “Singer has not yet found his Scott Moncrieff,” the preeminent translator of Marcel Proust. But, of course, Ozick knew that Singer didn’t want a Scott Moncrieff.

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