Religion and Power Reviews Religion and PowerLocked Rabbi Sacks, who is in the end an optimistic thinker, sees a process of internecine violence leading to religious moderation happening within Islam now.
The Inklings Reviews The InklingsLocked Leo Strauss may be as devastating as C. S. Lewis in his criticism of facile and destructive dogmas, but Hollywood isn’t planning a film version of Strauss’s Natural Right and History any time soon.
The Hit Man Reviews The Hit ManLocked What music businessman Morris Levy craved even more than the recording artists themselves were the copyrights and catalogues the labels contained. “Copyrights don’t talk back,” he liked to say. 

The Last Word

Since there were no diplomatic relations between Israel and the Soviet Union, the congress organizers in Moscow told me to send my Israeli passport to the Soviet embassy in Bonn, which would be authorized to issue me a visa.

From Max, Moritz, and Marx by Shlomo Avineri | Summer 2016

yellow-box-Kirsch Saladin, a Knight, and a Jew Walk onto a Stage

If Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice is the most famous play about a Jew in European literature, then the second most famous—following at a considerable distance—is Nathan the Wise, the “dramatic poem” published in 1779 by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing.

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