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Members of the Tribe Reviews Members of the TribeLocked If an Israeli ambassador to the United States can’t consume ham in public, he may still have to engage in something like pork-barrel politics.
Who Is David? Reviews Who Is David? Scholars and lay readers remain fascinated by the biblical stories of David and the history behind them, as a new batch of books shows.
Vegetarian in Vilna Reviews Vegetarian in Vilna The long, brutal winters and meaty cuisine of Eastern Europe don’t immediately make one think of garden-fresh vegetarian recipes.

The Last Word

Two years before his diary entry about the Altneuschul and his novel Altneuland, Herzl recorded a colorful legend of the Prague synagogue.

From On Old Stones, a Black Cat, and a New Zion by Eugene R. Sheppard | Fall 2015

 yellow-box-wisse Yosl Bergner's Jewish-Israeli Genius

I have known the painter Yosl Bergner for something like 65 years, since he and his new bride Audrey visited my family in Montreal when I was just emerging from childhood.

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