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Is Beauty Power? The Arts Is Beauty Power? With charm, business savvy, and determination Kracow-born Rubinstein transformed herself from Chaja to Helena to “Madame.”
Revealer Revealed Reviews Revealer RevealedLocked Earlier this year, an email announcement of a publication made its rounds among scholars of Jewish studies. Written in the flowery Hebrew of the Eastern European Jewish Enlightenment, the advertisement proclaimed that the work would “reveal all secrets.”
And How Do You Like Israel? Reviews And How Do You Like Israel?Locked The Six-Day War marked a critical turning point in the evolution of the Western world’s attitude toward Israel.

The Last Word

They never stinted on guilt, the old mussarniks. They also renounced Jewish mysticism, paid little attention to their bodies, and even less to other spiritual traditions. So Mussar Yoga makes for a surprising deli combo platter of the spirit...

From “Accounting for the Soul” by Abraham Socher | Winter 2015

 Jacob Glatstein. (Courtesy of the Yiddish Book Center.) Yiddish Genius in America

The autobiographical novels of the great Yiddish poet Jacob Glatstein, Ven Yash iz geforn and Ven yash iz gekumen (When Yash Set Out and When Yash Arrived), were his literary response to the trip he took back to Lublin in 1934 to visit his dying mother. Coinciding with Hitler’s political takeover in Germany, this voyage at what turned out to be the midpoint of his life (1896–1971) left him feeling that the person returning to America bore greater responsibilities than the one who had left.

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