The Burnt Pot

Erica Brown

Response #4: “On the bottom of the pot live Jewish clichés, nostalgia, kitschiness, and an uninformed Jewish pride.”

The Future Is Now

Edieal Pinker

Response #3: Edieal Pinker argues from statistics that American Jewry is at an inflection point containing the seeds of a revival. 

The Other Bernstein

Allan Arkush

Late August 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of Leonard Bernstein’s birth and the first Yahrzeit of his brother, Burton, who wrote an incredible family memoir.

Apples, Honey, and Articles

A compilation of 10 favorites from the JRB archives that follow the arc of the fall holidays, from Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, to Sukkot and Simchat Torah.