1. johndavidhutsell

    i was disappointed that it was just a straight re-telling of the tale, with no skeptical, critical commentary.
    like Harvey said, it was typical Crumb illustration--good, but nothing new. none of the highly valuable Crumb insight.

Suggested Reading

Hollywood’s Anti-Nazi Spies

Laura Rosenzweig

In 1934, Hollywood's Jewish moguls met secretly at the Hillcrest Country Club to hear an unusual pitch. A former ADL official was running a network of World War I veterans who had infiltrated the local Nazi organization. The intelligence was alarming, and he needed funding.

Jerusalem in Albion

Jerusalem in Albion

Philip Getz

The inclusion of Hebrew manuscripts was a priority for Thomas Bodley in 1598, when he began turning the university’s library into the institution of international and historic renown that would bear his name.