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Noah Efron

Noah Efron is a senior fellow at Shacharit, a think tank for new Israeli politics, and is also one-third of “The Promised Podcast.” He teaches history and philosophy of science at Bar-Ilan University and until July 2011 served as a member of the City Council of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

How Goodly Are Your Tents, O Tel Aviv? A Symposium

How Goodly Are Your Tents, O Tel Aviv? A Symposium

Stav Shaffir, Noah Efron, Ran Baratz, Lili Ben-Ami, Omer Moav, Aaron Leibowitz, Orit Rozin

Overshadowed by the more earth-shaking or at least highly publicized events elsewhere, the "Tent City Protests" that began in Tel Aviv last summer have been forgotten by many outside of Israel. Nonetheless, they were extraordinary both in size-on September 3 as many as 450,000 marched throughout Israel-and civility. We thought that it would be useful to listen to what some thoughtful and involved Israelis are saying about what they saw or did last summer in the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.