Our Fall Issue Cover

Our Fall Issue

From  Alter on Bulli (A.B. Yehoshua) to Roslyn Weiss’s surprising new take on the Akedah, an amazing new issue with other amazing reviews and articles by:

  • Robert Alter
  • Allan Arkush
  • Cole Aronson
  •  Yoel Finkelman
  • David E. Fishman
  • Matti Friedman
  • Samantha Rose Hill
  • Sheila Tuller Keiter
  • Adam Kirsch
  • Jessica Kirzane
  • Yosef Lindell
  • Allan Nadler
  • Robert Satloff
  • Shai Secunda
  • Anita Shapira
  • Jesse Tisch
  • Alan Verskin
  • Roslyn Weiss

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The Blessings of Manasia

The Blessings of Manasia

Cole S. Aronson

His father recited Modeh Ani every morning and ordered a set of tefillin from Mumbai. Unaware that they were meant to be worn and not merely kept, he put them away on a shelf.

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