Ike’s Bet and Nasser’s Vasser Reviews Ike’s Bet and Nasser’s VasserLocked Could the hot dog-munching, movie-going young colonel named Nasser have become our man if we had tried harder to accommodate him at the very outset?
The Genius of Bernard-Henri Lévy Reviews The Genius of Bernard-Henri Lévy Bernard-Henri Lévy's amour propre, while immense, does not quite extend to regarding his life as exemplary in its Jewishness, nor to tying all of his political actions to Judaism.
Waiting for Moshe Right The Arts Waiting for Moshe Right The web series Soon by You is part Seinfeld, part Srugim.

The Last Word

I guess I just don’t get out enough, so I hadn’t heard any anti-Semitic golem stories.

From What They Talk About When They Talk About Golems by Abraham Socher | Winter 2017

Bling and Beauty: Jerusalem at the Met

Long before Jerusalem’s skyline was punctuated by high-rises and cranes, the Holy City was already a crowded place. One of the wonders of Second Temple Jerusalem, as the rabbis tell it, was that despite the throngs of pilgrims, “No one ever said to his fellow: ‘The place is too cramped for me to lodge in Jerusalem.’”

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