God’s Law in Human Hands Reviews God’s Law in Human Hands A Judean, a Stoic, a Jewish philosopher, a Jesus follower, and a rabbi walk into a seminar room at Yale, and Professor Christine Hayes asks them, “What do you mean when you say divine law?”
Jews, Revolutionism, and Doublethink Exchange Jews, Revolutionism, and DoublethinkLocked Even in the Gulag, it was difficult to give up the belief in the Revolution. Take Evgenia Ginzburg, for example . . .
In (Partial) Defense of Doublethink Exchange In (Partial) Defense of DoublethinkLocked How does one survive psychologically under the control of chaotic evil? Take Evgenia Ginszburg, for example . . .

The Last Word

I was born with the State, in 5708. The heroic narrative of Israel, miraculously risen from the ashes, was planted in my marrow.

From Shabbtai at Seventy by Stuart Schoffman | Spring 2018

Telling the Whole Truth: Albert Memmi

"I continue to think, in spite of frequent hesitations, that I must tell not only the truth but the whole truth. And this will be not only my aesthetic signature . . . but my most important political contribution.”

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