A Dashing Medievalist Reviews A Dashing MedievalistLocked Ernst Katorowicz had great courage and old-world personal charm—his Berkeley students were mesmerized by him.
On Agnonizing in English Reviews On Agnonizing in EnglishLocked For the Hebrew reader, S. Y. Agnon is not merely canonical, he stands almost outside of time.
The Wandering Reporter Reviews The Wandering Reporter Read 86 years after it was originally published, The Wandering Jew Has Arrived can be seen as a chilling and prophetic piece of historical reportage.

The Last Word

Time is, of course, picking memory’s pocket, pilfering public memories of the Shoah, even among the Germans, even among the Jews.

From Hashtag Holocaust by Amy Newman Smith | Summer 2017

"I Am Impossible": An Exchange Between Jacob Taubes and Arthur A. Cohen

In the summer of 1977, two old friends ran into each other in front of a Paris bookstore and found themselves arguing about Simone Weil, Judaism, and their lives.

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