“Repent, Repent” Reviews “Repent, Repent”Locked In his new book, How Repentance Became Biblical: Judaism, Christianity, and the Interpretation of Scripture, David A. Lambert argues that repentance, as we understand it today is absent from the Hebrew Bible.
Of Spies and Centrifuges Reviews Of Spies and CentrifugesLocked Jay Solomon traces decades of spy games between the United States and Iran, a conflict, Solomon writes, “played out covertly, in the shadows, and in ways most Americans never saw or comprehended.” 
Mystical Teachings Do Not Erase Sorrow The Arts Mystical Teachings Do Not Erase Sorrow In Yehoshua November’s new collection, however, it turns out that the difficulties of being a Jewish poet do not primarily flow from being either Jewish or a poet but from the underlying difficulties of life itself.

The Last Word

The text is full of underlining, circled words or phrases, arrows, careful cross references, and copious comments in Yiddish, English, Spanish, and Hebrew.

From A Very Jewish Encounter by Matt Goldish | Spring 2017

Chaim Grade: A Testimony

Lieberman’s relationships with his academic colleagues are well known, but there is almost nothing published on his relationship with Grade, so I began to suspect Wiesel, unfairly as it turned out, of embellishment.

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