East Meets West Reviews East Meets WestLocked Following the Six-Day War, the East German government and the West German far left demonized Israel time and again, often vilely equating it with the worst thing in their own nation’s history: Nazism.
The Closing of the American Mind Now Readings The Closing of the American Mind Now Thirty years ago, a book was published that hit, in the words of its New York Times review, “with the approximate force and effect of what electric shock-therapy must be like.” How has it held up? And what does that have to do with the Bible?
Fauda: The Wages of Chaos The Arts Fauda: The Wages of Chaos Fauda, which takes its name from the Arabic word for chaos, opens in an adrenaline rush of noise, confusion, and jagged camerawork. 

The Last Word

Time is, of course, picking memory’s pocket, pilfering public memories of the Shoah, even among the Germans, even among the Jews.

From Hashtag Holocaust by Amy Newman Smith | Summer 2017

The Rogochover Speaks His Mind

Ask a yeshiva student who the greatest talmudic genius of the 20th-century was and odds are he will answer “the Rogochover.” Ask him who was the most unusual talmudic genius of that time, and you will probably get the same answer.

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