Our Fall Issue Cover

Our Fall Issue

Our terrific new issue is up on our homepage and headed to your mailbox. Mark Anderson’s gorgeous cover, titled Fragments from Space, illustrates Shai Secunda’s moving review of an Israel Museum exhibit that juxtaposes miraculously recovered fragments of Ilan Ramon’s space diary with Dead Sea Scroll texts about Enoch, who was also an astronaut of sorts.

Other highlights include novelist Dara Horn’s brilliant review of a new film, and first-time contributor Neil Arditi’s fascinating recovery of the tragic Jewish poet Samuel Greenberg, from whom Hart Crane cribbed.

We haven’t forgotten about the fall holidays (though it is shocking to realize quite how close they are): Eitan Fishbane has translated the Ba’al Shem Tov’s grandson on the (surprising) meaning of the shofar blast, and Noah Millman has returned to our pages with another startling, extraordinary piece on Shakespeare, “Sitting with Shylock on Yom Kippur.” 

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Dara Horn

“I Do Not Care if We Go Down in History as Barbarians” is a reenactment; the quotation marks are part of its title, suggesting just how meta this film becomes. It steps back one more level into the minds of the people doing the reenacting.

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