Our Spring Issue Cover

Our Spring Issue

Mark Anderson’s cover for Spring 2020 illustrates a superhero (with Jewish origins) and David Ben-Gurion. The issue includes Anita Shapira’s review of Tom Segev’s new biography of the great Israeli statesman and Michael Weingrad on a Stan Lee (of Marvel Comics fame) bio. 

We also asked 10 brilliant friends to write mini-essays about the Jewish book that meant the most to them over the last decade: 

  • Leora Batnitzky
  • Eric Cohen
  • Matti Friedman
  • Allegra Goodman
  • Adam Kirsch
  • Ruby Namdar
  • Alana Newhouse
  • Barri Weiss
  • Ruth Wisse
  • Steven Zipperstein

and more…

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Super Stan

Super Stan

Michael Weingrad

Even in comparison with so many other contributions to American popular culture and entertainment, comic books are an especially Jewish story.

History with a Flourish

History with a Flourish

Jenna Weissman Joselit

So much gets lost in translation—and to history—when household items, heavy with use, first assume the status of heirlooms and then land in museum vitrines where, heralded as art rather than history.

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