The Quality of Rachmones Reviews The Quality of RachmonesLocked Howard Jacobson's Shylock Is My Name is dead serious and very funny, high criticism and low comedy.
Chaos in the Wilderness Reviews Chaos in the Wilderness Unlike reporters who are happy to rework official government statements, Mohannad Sabry reports on the Sinai by drawing on a broad network of sources in the region.
Desert Wild Reviews Desert WildLocked Zornberg’s sessions are deeply informed by traditional Jewish sources, especially the interpretations of classic rabbinic midrash and the homilies of Hasidic masters.

The Last Word

As everyone knows, April is the cruelest month, though even English majors sometimes forget why the poet said so. What’s wrong with lilacs coming out of the dead land?

From It's Spring Again by Abraham Socher | Spring 2016

yellow-box-Cohen1-March A Dissonant Moses in Paris and Berlin

Think of last year in Europe and shudder: Islamist terrorism, waves of Middle Eastern refugees, Ukrainian woes, rising right-wing populism, destabilizing unemployment, an increasingly insecure European Union, and, of course, anti-Semitism. But lo, into the midst of this vexed continent came Moses, Aron, and Arnold.

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