There He Goes Again Reviews There He Goes AgainLocked Foer departs from Roth’s model in many ways; perhaps most unsettling is the fact that he confuses crassness for humor.
Jewish Pugs Reviews Jewish PugsLocked A successful Jewish jock, demonstrating strength and physical courage, nicely rounds out Jews’ sense of completeness as human beings.
Zion and Party Politics, 1944 Readings Zion and Party Politics, 1944 In the summer of 1944 support for Zionism was transformed from a low-risk political gesture to a bona fide election issue. FDR was not pleased.

The Last Word

About 15 years ago when we moved from Cleveland Heights to the University Heights-Beachwood neighborhood, a couple of miles away, a neighbor asked which shul we would go to in the new neighborhood. “I don’t know,” I said, “we’ll be right down the road from Green Road Synagogue.” “Oh, you can’t go there,” she said, “they’re Marmorshers!”

From Marmorshers! by Abraham Socher | Fall 2016

yellow-box-image2HorowitzA Tale of Two Night Vigils

Although the so-called tikkun observed by many Jews on the first night of Shavuot is by far the best known today of the various all-night vigils that have emerged since the 16th century, it was long paired with a now almost-forgotten nocturnal study session observed on the night before Hoshana Rabbah, the seventh (and final) day of Sukkot.

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