A Brand Rescued from the Fire Reviews A Brand Rescued from the Fire Leon Chameides has painstakingly collected his father’s writings from the fateful years of 1930s Polish Jewry, before the break-up of his family and the collapse of Jewish life in Nazi Europe. 
Back in the USSR Reviews Back in the USSR On the ephemeral nature of home and “certificates of cowlessness” in Russia's Jewish Autonomous Region.
Our Kind of Traitor Reviews Our Kind of TraitorLocked More than 40 years after the Yom Kippur War, some of its battles rage on, including the debate over the spy Ashraf Marwan’s true loyalty.

The Last Word

I guess I just don’t get out enough, so I hadn’t heard any anti-Semitic golem stories.

From What They Talk About When They Talk About Golems by Abraham Socher | Winter 2017

A Foreign Song I Learned in Utah

If the Nobel Prize were the electoral college, Jews would be the state of Wyoming, represented way beyond their actual size in the population.

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