In Praise of Humility Reviews In Praise of HumilityLocked There are those who carry the quest for yichus to extremes; Steven Weitzman is not among them.
The Last Bedtime Story: Roz Chast's Sort-of Tour Guide Reviews The Last Bedtime Story: Roz Chast's Sort-of Tour Guide Realizing that her daughter knows nothing of the urban wilderness her mother once inhabited, Roz Chast takes it upon herself to bequeath her accumulated wisdom in the method most natural to her, a comic book.
A Tale of Two Stories  Reviews A Tale of Two Stories  In their respective new books, Schama and Feiner attempt not to relate the whole history of the Jews during the period covered by their volumes but to tell their story—indeed, to a large extent, to let them tell their story in their own words, culled from their letters, diaries, and autobiographical works.

The Last Word

When I was 12, my parents bought me a gigantic Yiddish-Russian dictionary. Maybe this was their way of compensating for the fact that they had not told me I was Jewish until second grade, when I came home singing a Ukrainian ditty with the word “zhid.”

From Babel's Transcendent Mistakes by Jake Marmer Winter 2018

A Complex Network of Pipes

You couldn’t know Yehuda Amichai without being struck by the casual way in which original and sometimes startling metaphors dropped from him in ordinary conversation. It wasn’t done for effect.

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