Winter Issue! Cover

Winter Issue!

The issue we’ve been working on since October 7: memories of Kfar Aza, a symposium considering and reconsidering our beliefs, newly translated poems from Hebrew, reviews, and much more.

  • Neta Stahl
  • Mijal Bitton, Leah Sarna, and more
  • Amichai Chasson
  • Malka Z. Simkovich
  • Ilan Troen
  • Benjamin Balint
  • Allan Arkush
  • Noah Millman
  • Matti Friedman
  • Yosef Lindell
  • Jonathan Karp
  • Reviel Netz
  • Abraham Socher
  • Adam Kirsch
  • S.Y. Agnon
  • Cole S. Aronson
  • Shai Secunda
  • Yehuda Halevi

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Climate of Opinion

Climate of Opinion

Alvin H. Rosenfeld

Academic scholars, of all people, should recognize that excoriation is not an acceptable substitute for argument, but, in fact, it pervades much of the discourse that today passes as “criticism of Israel.”

All That Is Solid

All That Is Solid

Adam Kirsch

The Lehman Trilogy, both the novel and the play, are mythic in scale, using three generations of the Lehman family (one per section of the “trilogy”) as characters in a didactic pageant about capitalism, America, modernity—and Jewishness, which plays an unsavory role in the proceedings.

The Founder of Jewish Studies

Michah Gottlieb

In 1818, a 23-year-old university student named Leopold Zunz published a 30-page essay with the modest title “On Rabbinic Literature.” He could scarcely have imagined his impact.

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