Our Spring Issue Cover

Our Spring Issue

Isaac Bashevis Singer is walking out of the cover of our Spring issue. Inside you’ll find a Singer story you’ve never read that begins like Roth and ends like Kafka. Returning to the 21st century, our feature is a characteristically penetrating analysis of Israel’s strategic challenges by former head of IDF intelligence (and upcoming JRB Annual Conference speaker) Amos Yadlin and his colleague Ari Heistein.

Other surprising, terrific reads in the issue—up on our website and in the mail now—include Shai Secunda on the ancient “Book of Creation” and the modern album it inspired, Michael Weingrad on literary critic Harold Bloom’s sci-fi novel (!), and perhaps the most moving essay we’ve ever published, by novelist John J. Clayton—not to speak of brilliant reviews of new books by Nathan Englander, Matti Friedman, Deborah Lipstadt, and others.

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The Fire Now

The Fire Now

Chloé Valdary

"As horrific as the Holocaust was, it is firmly in the past. . . . Though I remain horrified by what happened, it is history. Contemporary antisemitism is not. It is about the present. It is what many people are doing, saying, and facing now," writes Deborah Lipstadt in her latest book.

High Threshold

Allan Arkush

Visitors to the Hazon Ish's house would sometimes enter through the window; the venerable sage occasionally left home the same way. “A window,” the Hazon Ish reassuringly explained, “is in fact just a door with a high threshold.”

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