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Shlomo Riskin

Shlomo Riskin is the chief rabbi of Efrat and the founder and chancellor of Ohr Torah institutions, a network of high schools and colleges including a rabbinical seminary and a center for advanced halakhic studies for women. His most recent book is The Living Tree (Maggid).

Rabbi Lord Sacks is a global religious leader, philosopher, and award-winning author of over 30 books.

Necessary Power: A Rejoinder to Jonathan Sacks

Shlomo Riskin

When Rabbi Sacks writes, “It is not our task” (and it was not Abraham’s task) “to conquer or convert the world or to enforce uniformity of belief. It is our task to be a blessing to the world. The use of religion for political ends is not righteousness but idolatry,” it seems to me that he oversimplifies matters.