Zionisms Abound

Historian Gil Troy recently published an updated and expanded version of Arthur Hertzberg’s classic anthology of Zionist thought, The Zionist Idea. Troy’s The Zionist Ideas: Visions for the Jewish Homeland—Then, Now, Tomorrow (Jewish Publication Society) collects 170 diverse voices on Zionism.

Allan Arkush critiqued The Zionist Ideas in our Fall 2018 issue. Troy responded to Arkush, first by commenting on our website and then in a full piece found here. Arkush’s response to Troy can be read here. Among other things, this lively exchange concerns the sources of Theodore Herzl’s Zionism and whether and in what ways Troy’s book is a worthy successor to Hertzberg’s original.

Two book jackets, each picturing Israeli flags.
Arthur Hertzberg’s original anthology, The Zionist Idea. Gil Troy’s updated version, The Zionist Ideas.


Suggested Reading

Moshkeleh the Thief

Moshkeleh the Thief

Sholem Aleichem, Curt Leviant

“The holiday is also sweet and dear because poor and dejected Jews toil hard, alas, and struggle, and just barely, in the nick of time, amid great trouble, angst and tribulations, bring in the holy holiday. Now, finally, they can rest and relax for eight days in a row.” A new translation of Sholem Aleichem by Curt Leviant.