Rachel Scheinerman

The Peculiar History of the Etrog

How an obscure Chinese fruit became a centerpiece of Sukkot and a symbol of Judaism. 

The Jewish Preview of Books—September 2018

A quick look at Jewish books being published this month.

The Jewish Preview of Books—August 2018

So many books, so little time. A quick look at Jewish books being published this month.

Heaven from Torah: An Interview with Shai Held

A conversation on reading the Torah theologically, the future of American Judaism, and Jewish–Christian relations.

Torah and the Thermodynamics of Life: An Interview with Jeremy England

Hailed by some as the next Darwin, immortalized as a character in a Dan Brown novel, Jeremy England discusses religion and science, his background, and his intellectual influences.

Equine Ambles into a Watering Hole: An Interview with Jessica Cohen

An interview with Jessica Cohen—winner of the 2017 Man-Booker International prize for her translation of David Grossman’s Horse Walks Into a Bar—on translating Hebrew literature and jokes.

Tattooing God’s Name, a Jewish Adventure Out West, and Ultra-Orthodox Voting Patterns

A round-up of three new and notable articles in Jewish studies.

New Indian Jewish Art

The artwork of Siona Benjamin, who says she belongs everywhere and nowhere, recombines traditional and contemporary elements in surprising ways.

Remembering Philip Roth

Michael Kimmage's review of Philip Roth's final novel, Nemesis.

Biography of the Jewish Bible

An interview with David Stern on the many physical forms of the Jewish Bible, from parchment scroll to electronic tablet.

Searching for Ancient Passover in Samaria and Ethiopia

Bloody bucket brigades and white galoshes: Not everyone celebrates Passover with four cups and four questions. Rachel Scheinerman on Passover in Samaria and Ethiopia.

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