Hillel Halkin

A Complex Network of Pipes 

You couldn’t know Yehuda Amichai without being struck by the casual way in which original and sometimes startling metaphors dropped from him in ordinary conversation. It wasn’t done for effect. It was just the way his mind worked. One thing made him think of another and what it made him think of was generally something that would not have occurred to anyone else.  

Rethinking Jabotinsky: A Talk with Hillel Halkin

The Jewish Review of Books and Yale University Press hosted an evening for Hillel Halkin’s brilliant new biography of  Vladimir Jabotinsky at YIVO.

Wisdom and Wars

If it were fiction, Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom would be the greatest English war novel.

Poets of the Tribe

The story of 12 Hebrew poets—in America.

King James: The Harold Bloom Version

  There may be a thousand facets to the Torah, but does Harold Bloom simply misunderstand the King James Bible?  

Law in the Desert

Studying the weekly portion with Jerome, Nachmanides, and others, the seemingly tedious parts of Exodus become compelling.

Endless Devotion

Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks' new translation of the siddur moves Hillel Halkin to reconsider Jewish prayer.

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