Shoshana Olidort

Like an Echo of Silence

Lea Goldberg’s poetic voice didn’t project outward; it drew the reader in, inviting intimate conversation.

There He Goes Again

Foer departs from Roth’s model in many ways; perhaps most unsettling is the fact that he confuses crassness for humor.

A Harem of Translators

Singer insisted that all foreign-language translations of his work be based on the English versions. And most of them were done by young women who closer to typist-editors than true translators.

Sometimes a Bag Is Just a Bag

Daphne Merkin's new collection is signature Merkin: funny, smartly written, and utterly self-indulgent.

I’m Still Here

Tuvia Reubner has said he has no homeland except perhaps his poetry. A new book expands that homeland's borders.

Words, Words, Words

The super sad truth about Gary Shteyngart's new novel.

Appelfeld in Bloom

Israeli author Aharon Applefeld sifts through memories to understand the traumas of his past.

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