A Decade of Recommendations

In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we asked 10 of our favorite readers which books they had found themselves recommending the most over the last decade.


Indispensable Man

In his effort to cut David Ben-Gurion down to size, Tom Segev blames him for failures that were not his and gives him insufficient credit for his achievements. A closer examination of the historical record reveals a greater man than the one Segev attempts to dissect.

The War on History

"People have often asked me if something like the revisionist Israeli historiography to which I contributed in the late 1980s exists on the Palestinian side."

Faith in Princes

That FDR could have done more for the Jews in the Holocaust has long been known, but have we fully understood how much his inaction sprang from his own antisemitism?

History with a Flourish

So much gets lost in translation—and to history—when household items, heavy with use, first assume the status of heirlooms and then land in museum vitrines, heralded as art rather than history.

Super Stan

Even in comparison with so many other contributions to American popular culture and entertainment, comic books are an especially Jewish story.

Golden Books

Three decades ago, Allan Nadler went to Vilna to reclaim books that the Nazis had plundered from YIVO, or so he thought. Dan Rabinowitz’s Lost Library solves the mystery—and raises important questions.


The Arts

Ba’al Teshuvah Poetics

Part of being a ba’al teshuvah is the yearning to stop being one—to finally blend with those who never had to return because they never left.

Last Word

The Way We Live Now

One uncanny thing about this moment is that no one has yet put the experience we are all having—collectively yet separately, sometimes on Zoom—into articulate words.

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