Jenna Weissman Joselit

Du Bois, the Warsaw Ghetto, and a Priestly Blessing 

When the editors at Jewish Life asked the venerable civil rights leader W. E. B. Du Bois to speak about the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, they had no idea that it would lead to a priestly blessing.

Ready to Wear

Textiles can tell the story of how modernity, for all its many blessings, often erases the practices and values of the collective, celebrating the individual at the expense of community and novelty or fashion at the expense of tradition.

Harlem on His Mind

Many Harlem churches that were once synagogues have been torn down to make way for apartment buildings with all the latest amenities.

Jewish Geography

The Jewish peddler, the “slave of the basket or the pack; then the lackey of the horse,” did not have an easy time of it.

Israel on the Hudson

An ambitious, new three-volume work attempts to tell the story of New York's Jews from the days of Peter Stuyvesant to the present.

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