Winter 2011

Winter 2011
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Letters, Winter 2011

God, Torah, and Israel: An Exchange


Between New York and Jerusalem

For twenty-five years, Gershom Scholem and Hannah Arendt, two of the most gifted, influential, and opinionated Jewish intellectuals of the 20th century, maintained a remarkable correspondence. Recently published, these illuminating letters provide a rare glimpse into a relationship that has too often been described as adverserial.

Simon Wiesenthal and the Ethics of History

Was Simon Wiesenthal an intrepid hunter of mass murderers? Or was he in fact more of a charlatan than a hero? Tom Segev's new biography of the most successful—and controversial—Nazi-hunter raises more questions than it cares to answer.


ArtScroll's Empire

How did a Brooklyn-based, Orthodox publishing house corner the market on religious texts in America?

Sole Searcher

The author of The Dybbuk lives on in a new biography.

The Language of Tradition

On tradition as a first language.

The Future Past Perfect

Treasure and tragedy in the letters of Stefan and Lotte Zweig, one of the most famous literary couples of the early 20th century.

No Joke

Roth's new novel takes surprising turns on familiar territory.

Seeds of Subversion

The "Other" Jewish tradition.

Jocasta Speaks

The Jewish woman, before feminism.

Letters From Chicago

One of the many pleasures of the recently published Saul Bellow: Letters is how it reacquaints us with Bellow's wry, poignant, infectiously erudite voice. This is all the more surprising because he wasn't, or at least so he insisted, a natural-born letter writer. As in his literature, Bellow's language is so stunning that one wonders whether he was writing to both his correspondents, and to readers like us.

The Red Beret and the Rabbis

What has happened to the Religious Zionist rabbinate?

One State?

Sari Nusseibeh's recent book is a new formulation of an old proposal.

The Man's Learning Moves Me

Isaac Casaubon, the Hellenist who loved Hebrew.

The Novelist and the Physicist

A celebrated Jewsh novelist steps into the religion-science debate.

Minyan 2.0

The next big thing in prayer.

In Brief

In Brief, Winter 2011

Judaism and Americanism, Young Tel Aviv, Psalms in the Arctic, Haym Solomon, and Funnyman

The Arts

Living Postcards

YIVO/Yeshiva University Museum's recent exhibit of pre-war home videos provides an extraordinary view into the lives of ordinary people.

What . . . Him Worry?

The story of MAD magazine's litvak.

Lost & Found

Where To: America or Palestine? Simon Dubnov's Memoir of Emigration Debates in Tsarist Russia

Dubnov's magisterial autobiography, written while Dubnov was in exile from both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, takes the reader on a deeply personal journey through nearly a century of upheaval for the Jews of Eastern Europe. A new translation.

Last Word

Translating and Remembering Chaim Grade

A memoir of faith, literature, and chickens.

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