Nadia Kalman

In (Partial) Defense of Doublethink

How does one survive psychologically under the control of chaotic evil? Take Evgenia Ginszburg, for example . . .

Mashed Potatoes and Meatloaf

From overly familiar ingredients, Joanna Hershon has concocted something that is both satisfying and unexpected.

The Improbables

Not writing what you know can help an author steer away from autobiographical shoals, but it puts a certain research burden on the writer.

Forget Remembering

Rutu Modan’s graphic novel The Property explores the uneasy coexistence of love and death.

Who Owns Margot?

What if Anne Frank’s sister had survived Bergen-Belsen? Interesting, but . . .

A Neoplatonic Affair

  As the tapestry of Hillel Halkin's first novel unfurls, we see how perfectly each part fits into the larger pattern.

Brother Daniel, Sister Ulitskaya

Ludmila Ulitskaya's fictionalized version of the Brother Daniel case asks us all to turn the other cheek.

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