Zionisms, Old and New

Zionisms, Old and New

Allan Arkush

Arthur Hertzberg's classic anthology The Zionist Idea has received a 21st century makeover. But is the new version really an improvement over the old one?  And what does Yossi Klein Halevi have to say in 2018 that hasn't been said before?  

Awe and Joy

James Ponet

S. Y. Agnon curated a stunning anthology of Jewish texts, published later in English as Days of Awe. In his introduction to the anthology, the eminent scholar Judah Goldin grappled with the idea of awe—and so does this author.

The Burnt Pot

Erica Brown

Response #4: “On the bottom of the pot live Jewish clichés, nostalgia, kitschiness, and an uninformed Jewish pride.”

The Future Is Now

Edieal Pinker

Response #3: Edieal Pinker argues from statistics that American Jewry is at an inflection point containing the seeds of a revival.