Spring 2011

Spring 2011
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Letters, Spring 2011

Independence in prayer, Sari Nusseibeh's "state," and the heirs of secularism.


Israel and the Old-New Middle East

The social and political realities of the Middle East make democracy unlikely. A rough neighborhood may be getting rougher.

Passover on the Potomac

As the holiday of freedom approaches, we explore two haggadahs—one old and one new—from our nation's capital, and think about the "audacious hope" of redemption.

Thinking About Revolution and Democracy in the Middle East: A Symposium

Since January of this year, revolution has spread across North Africa and the Middle East with such velocity that predicting exactly what will happen next is probably a fool's errand. In this issue, we have asked seven writers to return to their bookshelves and tell us what books, authors, and arguments they find helpful in thinking through the causes and implications of these surprising events.

The Stakes in the Middle East

Reformers and democrats are the real hope for a future of peace, liberty, and stability in the Middle East. This historic moment presents the West with a remarkable opportunity.


Biblical Start-Ups

A prominent Israeli novelist on novelties in the Bible.

Grading Parents

Tips for Tiger Mothers, Panda Fathers, and everything in between.

The Hands of Others

Many people know of Mufti al-Husseini's SS activities. But how many Arabs shared his admiration for Hitler and attraction to Nazism?

Lucky Grossman

Vasily Grossman was one of the principal voices of anti-Nazi resistance, and a legendary journalist who spent 1000 days at the front during World War II.

Begin's Shakespeare

Memories of Israel's early prime ministers, by the man who wrote their speeches.

Melting Pot

Joan Nathan's search for Jewish cooking in France yields some surprising results.

Qutb's Milestones

A timely look at the intellectual father of radical Islam.

Buried Treasure

Hundreds of thousands of Jewish manuscripts were redeemed from Egypt.

That in Aleppo Once

Does the most accurate biblical text belong in the synagogue, or in a museum?

Our Exodus

How did a high-school dropout named Leon Uris pen one of the most influential novels of all time?

The Chief Rabbi's Achievement

Lord Jonathan Sacks is the most gifted expositor of Judaism in our day, and has written more than 20 books that are both learned and very accessible.


Law in the Desert

Studying the weekly portion with Jerome, Nachmanides, and others, the seemingly tedious parts of Exodus become compelling.

Last Word

Trashing Dictatorship in Cairo

Tahrir Square isn't the only thing Egypt's democrats need to clean up before democracy takes hold in their country.

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