Sarah Rindner

The Gentile Jewess

“Am I Gentile? Am I a Jewess? Both and neither. What am I? I am what I am.” Muriel Spark at 100.

Rachel and Her Children

Eternal Life is Dara Horn’s fifth novel, and like her others it crosses time and place to tell a transfixing, multilayered story that draws on Jewish texts and themes in a deep, witty, and immensely readable fashion.

Swimming in an Inky Sea

Ilana Kurshan, a hyper-literary, ideologically egalitarian, hopeless romantic (in her words), doesn’t fit the typical profile of a Daf Yomi participant.

Crazy-Beautiful Startup

Although The Wedding Plan will inevitably be marketed and discussed as a wacky romantic comedy, there is no real male lead.

Mystical Teachings Do Not Erase Sorrow

In Yehoshua November’s new collection, however, it turns out that the difficulties of being a Jewish poet do not primarily flow from being either Jewish or a poet but from the underlying difficulties of life itself.

Waiting for Moshe Right

The web series Soon by You is part Seinfeld, part Srugim.

Lost in Translation

When Aviya Kushner encountered the Bible not in Hebrew, but in translation,  she was shocked at how different it was, both in form and in substance.

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